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5 Stag Party Ideas for Your Best Friend’s London Stag Do

Do you have a London Stag Do on your mind? Equally important are two things – when and what. So, start with these two things – what will you do and where will you do it all? Stag party ideas can range from trekking to watching a game. But, in this blog, we’ll talk about what gentlemen grow up dreaming of. A stag do at a strip club!

Step-1: Plan the stag party like a pro, pick only the best activities!

You can choose from a variety of stag party ideas for your best friend and others in the clique. Of course, you must be thinking of the standard stag do beer pong or flip a cup. We know, you are bored of the same stag party ideas. So, we spent some time thinking of the best activities you can plan to do while at a strip club.

Here are some ideas to get you started on the wild imagination spree:

Drunk Jenga: Get a Jenga set and write some funny rules and actions on one side of each of the blocks. When it is set up, the side with the action is placed with face in. Hence, no one would know what action they would pull from the tower. Then, when people pull out a block during the game, they have to complete the task. Sounds easy and fun, isn’t it?

Spin to pole dance: spin a bottle and the ones at the end of it when it stops, do a pole dance. Except, for the fact that one of them has to be the pole

Sip or strip game: the classic game that never goes out of vogue, especially at stag parties. Ask a stag party stripper to play a part or cheer for the stag to watch it go high up in fun

A confession game: get your stag and his friends to confess things over beer. Put a prize for the best confession and ask for the club to celebrate the winner

An unstructured erotic experience: think lap dances, private dances, pole dances, and striptease! What’s a stag party without the adult fun? Watch your high school dreams come alive at a London strip club. Ask for packages and group deals. Moreover, think of bespoke experiences that you could get for the stag. Talk to the club management and make bookings in advance to sail through the plan hassle-free. Lastly, don’t plan too much, just let loose for some part of the party. Sit back, watch, have fun, and go with the flow!

Now, we know that this is only the beginning of you conjuring more stag do ideas. Well, there is no bar on the range of activities you can pull off at a strip club. Moreover, the London strip clubs have exactly the vibe you seek for that perfect stag do. We’ll help you with the planning, read on to know more about it.

Step-2: Find the Best Strip Club In London for that Unforgettable Stag Party Night

You have many reasons to bet on The Nags Head Gentlemen’s Club. Stop breaking your head over Googling the best strip clubs in London. The Nags Head, has you covered in every way!

We are not your regular strip club, we’re the ones with a legacy. Read London’s oldest lap dancing establishments. You’ll find us housed in two beautiful Georgian houses rich in history. Furthermore, we are renowned for our customer service and bespoke experiences. We’re located at Aldgate which is a very interesting and vibrant place within London. It is close to the main city and has very good public transport links. It is accessible via several tube stations across the city.

Stop thinking! 

So now, surrender all your doubts to our unique offerings. And no, we aren’t just mentioning the best and most beautiful girls. We also mean the lavish drinks menu, high-class interior, and opportunities to watch live sports. Thus we say, every stag needs a celebration before his “I-do” moment at Nags Head. Have you planned it yet for your best friend?

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