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Revel in a Lap Dance of Your Dreams, But Like a Gentleman!

Lap dance is every man’s fantasy (and many women secretly wish to be able to see one, let’s admit it). A lap dance is nothing but an erotic dance performed while sitting on the lap of the customer. Lap dancers are no less than goddesses of femininity and sensuality for those who experience them. Once you experience it, you’ll most likely come back for more! 

Most say the feeling of a sexy woman’s body slithering over theirs is irresistible and straight out of the book of boyhood stories! However, to enjoy a lap dance without derailing the act, there are some unsaid rules most connoisseurs of this art already know about. Today, we are divulging these unsaid, best-kept secrets of the most passionate patrons of the lap dance, read on!

  1. Groom yourself and dress appropriately

Strippers love interacting with well-dressed and well-groomed men. Make sure to shave, look presentable, and wear comfortable, soft clothing to the nightclub where you seek to get a lap dance. For example, avoid wearing belts with large buckles since they can hurt the stripper while she gives you an intimate lap dance. We also advise wearing linen, cotton, viscose, or other soft fabrics especially when it comes to bottom wear. This will ensure the stripper has maximum leeway to give you a high-contact, smooth lap dance. 

  1. Ask for what you seek

If you like more of a certain kind of move or touch during the lap dance, you can request more of it. It is always better to ask than to feel entitled and expect a stripper to know it all. 

  1. Don’t kiss or touch the strippers inappropriately

Most reputed clubs have strict rules against inappropriate touching, kissing or asking for intercourse. You may be even expelled if you violate these rules. It is best to stick to what is permitted and have fun within the territory of those rules. 

  1. Don’t cultivate any random feelings

Refrain from developing any feelings for the strippers. Don’t ask them for going out on a date or to marry you! Remember that many of them have families and relationships and aren’t even remotely interested in anything beyond a professional engagement when it comes to performing as a stripper for you. Never use cheesy lines like they remind you of an ex or of a girl you had a major crush on. Keep it simple, professional and enjoy while in the act. 

  1. Use polite and respectful language

Lastly, you must always remain polite while interacting with strippers. Show some interest in their backstory and be genuinely engaged in the interaction rather than hurling obscene comments. If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with a stripper you may politely ask them to stop instead of using foul language. Make sure to keep a check on it even while you are drunk at the nightclub.

A bonus tip on ‘tipping’

And yes, tipping is a very important part of a lap dance. You may see strippers carrying money folded and tucked away in their undergarment bands or in their hands. Don’t try to snag any of it, strippers may not let you get away with it. Always offer a generous tip that is at least 10-15% of the total payout. Anything below this is considered impolite and not-so-gentleman-like! It is also a great idea to buy your stripper a drink after she is done with the lap dance. Make sure that you don’t hold back while complimenting her for the performance, that little kind note may go a long way in her professional journey – you never know!
Our patrons at The Nags Head swear by our lap dancers’ sheer talent of making them feel lucky, wanted, happy, and tantalized – all simultaneously! Want to experience the magic yourself? Call us at +44 20 7235 1135 to make an advance booking to to know more about group deals, discounts, special performances, private performances and much more.

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