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5 Things You Want to Know about Stag Do Parties

Of course one wants to party hard when life’s about to change. Taking a lap dance in one of the elite strip clubs in London is the key to tone down the nervousness of D-day. On the contrary, there are many qualms associated with stags dos in strip club as well as taking a private lap dance. For starters, the misses might not like it. Hence, your wild night at a strip club can potentially be converted into a sober beer brunch at a patio. Well, one ought to differ from the outdated lot. A real Stag do Party does not imply sexual activities at the site. It’s time we bust the myths and hype about Stag dos in London.

5 Things You Want to Know about Stag Do Parties

A Legit setup for Entertainment A stag do party is often confused as a platform to indulge in sexual activities. Apart from some harmless fun and drinking, strip clubs in London do not encourage in any kind of ‘messy business’. The clubs follow a strict code of conduct to solely entertain their clientele. Likewise, the dancers are trained to make the groom-to-be feel lucky in a tasteful fashion. The wildness of the experience pertains to the never-seen-before performances and a friendly staff that will attend to you till the last call.

Lap Dancing does not lead to Sex No! she will not have sex with you. A Lap Dance is an intimate one-on-one experience designed to tickle the groom with some ‘high school’ kind of fun. The stripper will dance around you in close proximity and shall make advances that are comfortable and agreed upon by both parties. However, in no situation can you draw the conclusion that she’s making booty calls.

Strippers may talk dirty, not play dirty Talking about adult fun, it ain’t the same as adultery. Party strippers may walk in lingerie and talk dirty to you but in no case will she try to seduce you out of her profession. The party starts and ends at the strip club, there is no after-party with the stripper. She will happily mold her name around your liking and give you a dummy phone number to keep your demands satiated. Cutting to the chase, she only keeps you company till her shift is over. The bachelor indeed bids farewell to his last night of fun!

No shame game inside the Strip Club Sorry mate! There’s no room for making one feel timid and embarrassed here. Strip clubs do not encourage any kind of foul play or herd mentality for the groom. However, many of them hold regrets of their bachelor night, celebrating with people who love to invite trouble. Thus, the idea of a stag do goes down the drain. In reality, the ones with nasty intentions ruin the evening by ridiculing the groom-to-be. In fact, you might as well filter your invites before the send-out.

It’s about celebrating your commitment, not violating it “His fiancé might not like it” is another cockblock for a stag do, pun intended! The point is there are many brides who just cannot handle the idea of a stag do party at a strip club. The scary visuals of her man locking lips with another woman is no less than cheating for her. As a consequence, the whole setup of a true celebration is compromised. As a result, what falls short is the attitude where one stigmatizes a lap dance or nudity on stage.

On the other hand, the intention of a lap dance or a pole dance is not to engage with the groom sexually. Rather it is to celebrate the his union with a set of friends who wish nothing but the best for the couple.

About time you decide to bring a change that promotes a promising relationship. So get set to turn on the party mode, you owe this to yourself!

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