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5 Ways to Have Fun and Interact with a Stag Party Stripper

Pole dancing clubs are a fantasy many men grow up living with. Even women are curious about what happens inside the typical pole dancing clubs. And, we blame them not! Pole dancing and lap dancing clubs are the perfect places to unwind, relax and have a fun night. People really love the vibe of these clubs for hosting stag parties for their friends who are about to get married. Stag parties or bachelor or bachelorette parties are one of the most desirable things of adulthood. The teen dreams of watching slender, tall, pretty women twirl around poles and perform a lap dance while treating the stag like a king – steaming up your fantasy already? 

Before visiting a pole dancing club to host or attend a stag party, know these 5 ways of maximizing your fun. You will most likely get to watch and interact with a stag party stripper at a stag party. Knowing the rules will only get you the maximum bang for the buck!

Rule #1: Always look the stag party stripper in the eye while talking

You probably already know this rule for striking up a real, impactful conversation with anyone. The same applies to an interaction with a stripper who is sexy, beautiful, and tempting but human at the end of it. Don’t let your eyes lurk in between her hair and her Goddess built, we mean you can savor it all with your eyes but not when talking to her. Look her in the eye and talk respectfully, making sure that you show interest in the human side of her and are not objectifying her and talking superficially.

Rule #2: Never hurl any kind of prejudicial or offensive statements at them

Be kind and be courteous while interacting with stag party strippers. Don’t pass any demeaning statements or call them names. Note that there is a difference between complimenting and making a promiscous remark. For example, saying anything like, “oh, you are so sexy” is complete fine. But saying anything like, “I paid for it, can we not get someone sexier?” is by far offensive. These loose remarks may not go down well with the strippers who work in the profession with utmost sincerity just like anyone else. 

Rule #3: Participate in the act BUT seek permission before touching

If it’s a night at the lap dancing club, make sure you have fun to the hilt. While a stripper is giving you a lap dance, you must participate and tell her if you want more or less of something. Never ask them for sex or any sexual act that goes beyond the dance they are trained to perform. If you want to touch the stripper or even simply flick hair back from her face, ASK her if you can do so. Men who ask generally end up getting more in return for the respect the show!

Rule #4: Always give out a good tip

Never hesitate from giving a good tip. A lot of men pull out empty wallets to show the strippers at the end of the act. Worse still, many accuse them falsely of robbing money. Know that strippers work for the tip and their hardwork is all that gives you the bang for your buck at the nightclub. So be generous and offer a nice tip!

Rule #5: Be your honest self to strike up a great conversation

Lastly, don’t try to be cheesy, over-flirtatious or too timid either. Strippers are girls at the end of the day and love a real conversation. Show interest in the human side of theirs. Ask them about their day, their hobbies, their job, etc. Don’t pretend while talking to them, for they have a knack of immediately knowing who’s a gentleman and who’s not.

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