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Guide to getting a lap dance when visiting a strip club in London

pole dance - nags head gentlemen's club
Reasons to Say Yes to Lap Dance!
8th December 2021

Guide to getting a lap dance when visiting a strip club in London

lap dance - nags head gentlemen's club

Getting a club lap dance might be one of the many fantasies you have. But, when you actually go on to fulfilling it, there sure are things you should know. It is a gentleman’s duty to respect the lady. Lap dancing comes with its own set of etiquette. Here is a detail of some of the things you should know before you proceed.

Is touching a stripper allowed?

Now, be it a strip club in London or a gentlemen’s club in America, the rules vary and so does the opinion on the etiquette. While it is a topic of discussion, the answer depends on how you conduct yourself during a private lap dance session.

Touching a stripper depends on how comfortable you make her. Be presentable, make sure you have money to spend if you wish to go the extra mile and have a sweet time, and respect her boundaries no matter what. In a nutshell, a lap dance in London or anywhere else completely depends on how you conduct yourself.

Seriously, don’t steal

As weird as this sounds, a shocking revelation from the business, be it strip clubs in London or anywhere else, is that customers steal their stripper’s tips. It is the alcohol if not the sheer audacity that makes people do this. And, they think it’s fine to commit this crime.

With waistbands, bras, or money that falls on the floor, the greedy ones don’t let go of an opportunity. If you get caught, which happens in most of the cases, you will be in for a rough experience.

Let her smell it away

The smell here refers to you wearing a nice perfume or a deodorant. What most people don’t realise is that while they cannot smell their body odour, people around them can. And, it is the biggest turn-off for the girls in a strip club. London, or any other place, this will ruin your experience and make it difficult for the girl too. What’s more, you sure will be famous as the smelly one and no other girl would agree to do a dance for you.

Go with a nice fragrance that keeps her close. She will make sure you have the best time and who knows you might get luckier than you thought. Table dancing in London can get you the best experience. But make sure that you are aware of the right manners to deserve it. Don’t startle the dancers by releasing on them, don’t flash your cash, build a connection but don’t go on to catch feelings and ruin it for everyone. And most importantly, don’t treat strippers and lap dancers as a sexual object. Rather, treat them with respect and you will have the time of your life.

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