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In London and Love Pole Dancing Clubs? Settle Only for The Best!

Are you even living your London life to the hilt without shaking a leg at the pole dancing clubs? Well, whether visiting a pole dancing club has been on your mind or has just hit you, this post is for you! London’s nightlife is known for exquisite pole dancing and nightclubbing experiences. And, when it comes to pole dancing, you don’t want to spend your Pounds for just anything, isn’t it? That’s why The Nags Head is the most perfect choice amongst the myriad pole dancing clubs of London. We have a legacy in the game and are the oldest lap dancing club in London.

Why do men love pole dancing clubs?

Men love the sight of women who are beautiful and agile at the same time. The combination stirs up fantasy and hints at the image of perfect womanhood. Because of the very nature of the act of pole dancing, no wonder, pole dancing clubs remain a men’s favourite. They have stood the test of time since the sight of nimble, agile women serving up an erotic performance confined to a pole is irresistible!

What to expect at The Nags Head?

Well, way more than just pole dancing. Actually, top it with the likes of lap dancing, stripping performances and everything adult. We offer private performances as well, upon request. Our sexy, slender, beautiful girls are masters of their craft. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that our patrons get maximum bang for the buck. And hey, we don’t offer any after-parties. Come in, for a night of unadulterated adult fun and good booze!

Plan your best friend’s stag do at The Nags Head and make it a night to remember. Afterall, who wouldn’t have flashes of a night dripping with ecstasy, suffused with music and soaked in raunchy, erotic performances. Patrons love our stag party strippers and often come back for more fun. We’re sure more than your regular pole dancing club! We are the real deal!

Our patrons love us for the same and you too will hop in again once you let our girls swing you off your balance with their performances. Furthermore, good food and good music complement the thrill of the night like nothing else. So come on and get dunked in pure ecstasy and satiate those eyes with slender women twirling around poles and stripping right in front of you. The teenage magazines and imaginations just flashed your mind, isn’t it? Well, well, our vanity Godesses will leave the boy in you blushing at his good fate!

What else makes The Nags Head the perfect weekend destination?

Well, we are easy to access and are the safest place to be while you’re living your adult fun dreams. From performances to food and booze – you’ll have the best array of choices at The Nags Head. You can reach us easily from anywhere in London through a tube, cab or private vehicle. We are located at Nags Head Gentlemens Club, 17-19 WHITECHAPEL ROAD, LONDON, E11DU. You can telephone us prior to visiting to know more about group deals or day’s special attractions. Just dial 020 7426 0830 or write to us at

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