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The 5 Rules of Lap Dance You Need To Know Today!

Rules of the lap dance, really? Well, hell yes! Lap dance is one of the most sought-after experiences when it comes to adult life. After all, a lap dance can make any man’s body sizzle with a thrill in a jiffy. So, it makes all the sense to know the rules of the game. A steamy lap dance is every man’s dream but it’s a serious job for the lap dancers. Hence, more gratitude, less attitude, and lots of honest communication are the key. Here are the 5 rules of lap dance you need to know before you step into The Nags Head Gentlemen’s Venue:

1. Be respectful of the lap dance provider

No. 1 of the 5 cardinal rules of lap dance – be a gentleman. Be respectful of the strippers and the lap dance providers. Men often end up making loose remarks or insulting statements when they are denied something. Making unsolicited comments about weight, ethnicity, looks or even the dance itself is highly discouraged. A good lap dance includes a two-way respectful interaction of physical and verbal form. Of all the rules of lap dance, this one is probably the most important!

2. Be candid and open

If there’s a particular expectation from the lap dancer, say it upfront. Don’t make any obscene requests that make the lap dancer uncomfortable in her act. That said, she’ll always respect an honest conversation about what exactly do you seek. If you need more of a move, say it. If you want less of something, say it. As simple as that!

3. Don’t display cash in an awkward way

Don’t be ostensible! Lap dancers love to see the patrons tip them generously. But flashing money and demeaning them by calling them names is a big no. You must be subtle in the way you reward the strippers. Furthermore, don’t ask for the money back or try to sneak out the money you slipped onto her after the act is over. So again one of the most important rules of lap dance – don’t make cash look like an instrument to buy the stripper’s dignity in any way.

4. Get funky and work your charm but know the safe limits

Participate in the lap dance! Don’t just sit back, buy your lap dancer a drink. Of course, you must get talking but don’t get down to mentioning things like you’ve fallen for her or that she reminds you of an ex. They’re in the business at the end of it and aren’t interested in anything more. Instead, appreciate, give suggestions, guide her maneuvers to your liking and show lots of admiration with respect. Lastly, do not initiate acts like kissing or sex. Don’t even ask them loosely for it. This one is a gentleman’s etiquette and one of the simplest rules of lap dance!

5. Know the costs involved

Last of the five cardinal rules of lap dance – know what you’re in for and how much would it cost. It can get awkward if you don’t know the costs and act all surprised at the end. For that one night of adult fun and a steamy hot lap dance, you don’t want to get into a bargain scene. Hence, enquire beforehand to avoid any such instances.

Excited to try out one of London’s oldest lap dancing clubs? The Nags Head Gentlemen’s Venue is your best bet! We have a legacy in the game and are loved by our patrons for the best-in-class adult fun experiences. Call us now 020 7426 0830 at to enquire about group deals, stag do parties, private performances, and more!

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