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The Top 3 Myths About Pole Dancing Clubs

What image does a pole dancing club instantly lend to your mind when you read the term? Sex, alcohol, nudity, loud music, people rolling their eyes, and what else? Well, what if we say all these stereotypical images are myths that you wouldn’t stop believing unless you visit a pole dancing club? In this article, we intend to dispel some of the most commonly believed myths about pole dancing clubs, especially in the London context. The infamous world of strippers, pole dancing, and lap dancing clubs isn’t all about men going the infidel route to indulge in unrestricted sexual activity or gnaw with eyes at naked women! Here are the top 3 myths commonly help about pole dancing clubs specifically:

  1. Pole dancing is all about stripping

Nope! Pole dancing is not equal to a woman stripping in all cases. In many performances, the performer may choose to peel off some clothes as a part of the act or decide not to do so at all. It entirely depends on the performer and the planned flow of the dance. To assume a pole dance is all about watching a woman strip on a pole would be to go with a closed mindset that can prevent you from experiencing real fun! Pole dancing is an art form that combines dance and acrobatics. The erotic moves only amp up the performance and make it work well for an adult club. So the next time you visit a pole dancing club, be sure to laud the performer for their talent and hard work as much as you drool over their sexy bodies and killer looks!

  1. Pole dancers are available for paid sexual activities

This one is a common misconception. The moment someone mentions they are a professional pole dancer working at an adult club, the temptation is to assume that they’re a sex worker. This is so not fair! Pole dancers train very hard to perfect their moves on the slender poles. They sustain many bruises in the learning process and work on it just like you do at your workplace! Many pole dancers are dedicated family women and have partners who support them in their journey. It is wrong to assume that a performer in revealing clothes and dancing on a pole is trying to attract and invite a sex customer. The performance is all they are at the club for – if, it is a pole dancing club of repute that doesn’t encourage any illicit and unsafe sexual activity for monetary gains. 

  1. You can enjoy a pole dance at any club alike

Lastly, no two pole dancing clubs have the same experience to offer. Many nightclubs would trick you into a visit by advertising a pole dance. In reality, a good pole dance is something only a very few nightclubs offer in London. Most others just use it as clickbait to attract customers. 

Where can you find the best and most authentic pole dancing in London?

It’s simple – trust a name that’s not a newbie with grandiose promises and little to deliver. The Nags Head is one of London’s oldest lap dancing and pole dancing establishments and has a legacy in the business. Several of our patrons are our loyalists who swear by the quality of performances and the variety we have to offer when it comes to adult fun. You too can spend a night of freedom and savor the best of eroticism at The Nags Head without having to worry about the performances and the performers’ authenticity. Call us at +44 20 7836 4678 to make a reservation, or enquire about group deals and packages for stag do parties. We’re sure you’ll always come back to The Nags Head for more!

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