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What is a gentlemen’s club?

Gentlemen’s clubs have existed since ancient times and have always been places of solace and relaxation, exactly as they are today. In Roman times, men would retreat from their responsibilities and congregate to discuss business matters and be entertained by scantily clad dancers. Normally these events happened in public, but as sex and stripping became more risqué, these clubs started becoming more secretive and members would congregate indoors, away from public view. This added to the thrill of visiting them, only heightening their popularity.

By the 20th century, most respectable men in the city would be members of a London gentlemen’s club. They would attend with colleagues and friends to socialise, talk about work and marvel at the beautiful performers around them. Today membership is generally not required, but gentlemen’s clubs continue to be a popular source of respite and relaxation for working men.

What’s the difference between a strip club and a gentlemen’s club?

In essence, a gentlemen’s club is a type of strip club. But as our patrons here at The Nags Head will attest, gentlemen’s clubs are considered classier, more upscale establishments. As one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in London, The Nags Head boasts the most talented and astonishingly beautiful women performing in the best-quality stage shows around. We offer friendly and attentive service inside a fully refurbished interior, with a mouth-watering drinks menu that includes all of your favourite tipples, from bourbon to cognac to champagne.

A London gentlemen’s club is a wonderful stress reliever

 In this day and age, we live our lives under increasing pressure, working long, arduous hours, competing in ever more saturated markets. This is particularly true in London — one of the greatest but also busiest cities in the world, where everything moves at a lightning pace. Gentlemen’s clubs become vitally important commodities in cities like London, providing men with a place to go to let off steam, escape their everyday lives and indulge in the company of beautiful women.

The Nags Head is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a London gentlemen’s club. We’re conveniently located in Aldgate, a stone’s throw from several tube stations, and we specialise in offering the finest strip club experience around. As one of the oldest lap dancing establishments in London, we maintain an unparalleled authenticity and character next to most other strip club chains.

To enjoy a night of superior adult entertainment inside the most welcoming gentlemen’s club in London, call us on 020 7426 0830 or send us an online query.