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A brief history of lap dancing in London

Exotic dancing may have existed since records began, but lap dancing is a 20th century invention. Pole dancing, table dancing and other kinds of erotic shows were the main attraction at early strip clubs, until club owners saw a chance to up the ante.

It started at the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco, where the policy was changed to allow customers to have dancers sit naked on their laps for a $1 tip. The practice spread as club owners saw an opportunity to offer gentlemen something less tame and less cautious than just watching a routine or performance from a distance. They wanted to offer a more ‘up close and personal’ style of dance.

So the lap dance was born and the eroticism inside a gentlemen’s club skyrocketed. From the 1980s onwards, lap dancing was famous and hugely popular worldwide, spurred by appearances in TV, film and music videos. Today lap dances provide the ultimate respite for a hard-working gentleman who needs to unwind. Particularly in London — the busiest city in the world — lap dancing is a perfect way of escaping the stresses and strains of high-pressure London life. By immersing themselves in an intimate fantasy with a beautiful woman, gentlemen are able to truly relax, indulge and cast off their inhibitions.


Why is lap dancing at The Nags Head so popular?

The Nags Head is one of the oldest lap dancing clubs in London. Our venue is Georgian and our name dates back to the early 1800s. Still wholly independent, The Nags Head has an authenticity, charm and character that many lap dancing chains lack. What’s more is that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lap dancing club in London that’s friendlier or more welcoming than The Nags Head. We offer a truly sumptuous drinks menu, competitive bar prices and opportunities to watch live sport, and we accommodate birthdays, stag dos and office parties with tailored VIP packages. Most importantly, of course, we boast some of the most stunning and talented lap dancing girls in all of London.

Conveniently located at 17-19 Whitechapel Road in Aldgate, mere minutes from several tube stations, The Nags Head is quite simply your best choice for some respite after a long day.

To arrange a night of seductive entertainment at the best lap dancing club in London, call us on 020 7426 0830 or send us an online query.