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Pole Dancing London

Pole dancing is a beloved form of performance art, a unique combination of dance and acrobatics centred on a silver burlesque pole. The pinnacle of the adult entertainment scene in the 1980s, pole dancing has become an international institution and the most famous and sought after exotic dance in London.

But why do we love it so much? Why do men at upscale gentlemen’s clubs like The Nags Head go absolutely wild when our girls incorporate a silver pole into their sensuous striptease routines?

Pole dancing accentuates the beauty of our dancing girls

When our girls are up on their podiums, twisting their supple, stunning bodies around a pole in full, uninterrupted view, their beauty is accentuated and enhanced. You’re able to appreciate every curve of their bodies from every angle, in the context of a truly mesmerising routine that stirs the imagination.

Pole dancers display confidence and physical skill that is highly attractive

One of the reasons pole dancing in London is so popular is because pole dancing is an art form and London is widely considered the culture capital of the world. Pole dancers combine a talent for exotic dance with incredible acrobatic skill and ability. The shapes and movements they create with their bodies are technically impressive, highly erotic and a demonstration of control, confidence and poise — all of which adds to the sheer thrill of watching them.

Watching someone dancing from afar is exciting

Perhaps it is the fact that a pole dancer is up on a podium, out of reach and unattainable, which makes the performance so enticing. Not being able to have something often makes you want it more…

Whatever the reasons, London pole dancing clubs are enormously popular and The Nags Head offers the best pole dancing experiences in the capital. This is thanks to the finest and most beautiful pole dancing girls in the city, a mouth-watering drinks menu, friendly and attentive service, and an enthralling atmosphere inside a fully refurbished interior.

The Nags Head is your best choice for a night of pole dancing excitement and some respite and relief after a long day. You can also enjoy a private lap dance if you’re craving something more personal. We offer customised VIP experiences and hospitality packages for groups and we’re conveniently located at 17-19 Whitechapel Road in Aldgate, just minutes from a number of tube stations.

To arrange to be thrilled and tempted by sexy pole dancers at the best gentlemen’s venue in London, call The Nags Head on 020 7426 0830 or send us an online query.