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Stag Party

Dear ‘Lost’,

It’s your last night before you say “i do” to your love. It’s a beautiful moment ahead. You remember all the almost-missed chances you had before you finally found the one woman you care enough to love for the rest of your life. Emotionally you are completely satiated but just then a thought pops into your mind. ”is this the last time i am going to be with other beautiful women?”

Take my two cents on it! Don’t feel guilty about such thoughts. You are not getting cold feet and you are certainly not unfaithful. What you need now is a night full of booze and girls so that you could get it out of your system. Yes, that’s right! Plan a stag do night with your best buddies.

Tonight let me guide you to access your insatiable libido because your love needs it as much as you do. Channel its energy through the girls at nagshead gentlemen’s venue till your mind transcends your body and be there just underneath her bedroom window where you first glanced at her. Now, the girl that’s rolling around on the pole is the girl you love and appreciate. Just when you realise, you saw your love strip for you, you get up, walk away from the other girl, turn on the ignition of your car and drive to the underneath of your love’s window to say “I love you”.

That’s the way the strip club plans stag do parties. Every gentleman is different and every stag-do party idea is different but over the course of billion pre-wedding nights i have realised that at the end of the stag do party, lust for your love and your love for lust takes a single form, the form of your ‘to-be’. This is the moment you are ready to say “i do”.

Sincerely, time-immortal