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7 Things You Must NEVER Do at a Strip Club in London

All good things and experiences in life come with a set of caveats! And just like that, there are things you must absolutely avoid doing when at a strip club in London. You might be wondering what must it take apart from just money to be able to enjoy a good lap dance in London. Well, a bunch of things to say the least! You don’t want to be one of the patrons that lap dancing clubs have to ask to leave or one of those who are turned down by strippers for being rude or inappropriate. To get the maximum bang for your buck, avoid indulging in these 7 behaviors when enjoying a lap dance in London (at a nightclub of repute, of course):

  1. Getting over-sloshed and losing control

Don’t get so drunk that you end up flouting the general rules of the place so grossly that they have no option but to turn you out. Don’t do things like spitting, pissing, or puking in public when in an inebriated state. If you ever feel too tipsy to handle yourself, request the staff for assistance and they’d be happy to help you navigate.

  1. Not carrying cash

Always carry enough cash to dole out as tips to strippers. If you are seeking that one great, rememberable lap dance in London, you must go and take out some cash before arriving. Credit cards won’t work for all purposes. 

  1. Trying to go beyond what’s permissible with strippers

Never indulge in acts of touching strippers inappropriately, groping them, swinging over them, or touching their things or accessories without permission. Trying to grab them while they are performing or groping them from behind and acting with force can land you in significant trouble. 

  1. Indulging in indecent acts

A lot of times a lap dance in London can get too steamy for some and they end up goofing it up completely. Acts like undressing yourself publicly or making an indecent display or gesture are completely frowned upon at any good lap dancing club in London. The etiquette is of supreme importance and no amount of money doled out will be good enough to compensate for a behavioral default.

  1. Asking strippers for dating and marriage

A sexy woman giving you the lap dance of your wild, teenage dreams can look like a whole dream come true moment. Resist the urge to ask them out for dates or for marriage. The strippers usually have families to fend for and wouldn’t be interested in any proposals like these. 

  1. Hurling hurtful comments at the strippers

Absolutely refrain from making comments about the strippers’ age, body shape, skin color, ethnicity, looks, etc. Never make any hurtful comments that you wouldn’t want any female friend of yours to bear. Think of strippers as exactly the same kind of human beings as your female friends, they are just in a different profession, that’s all!

  1. Not dressing appropriately

Lastly, to enjoy a good lap dance you must dress appropriately. Don’t wear rugged jeans or trousers with zippers that can hurt the strippers. Wear only soft, light fabrics that are easy on the skin for both you and the stripper. This is one very direct but very practical tip to enjoy a good lap dance in London (and anywhere)!

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